Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles

Develops Affordable Housing

Invests in Community Youth Development Programs 

Advocates for Broad Social Justice Reforms

Supports Minority Economic Empowerment

Fight for Positive Environmental Change 

Enhances Educational Advancement Opportunities

Lobbies for Principled Prison Reform

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Concerned Citizens of South-Central Los Angeles (CCSCLA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 community-based organization whose mission it is to work for social change,  economic empowerment, environmental justice, social equity, educational advancement, and principled prison reform within our South Central Los Angeles community and beyond.


Additionally, CCSCLA's mission is to assist in the development of affordable low-income housing in Southern California communities by providing technical and community-based assistance to nonprofit housing development corporations working within our South Central Los Angeles communities.

A Message from CCSCLA


Meet The Team

Noreen McClendon

Executive Director

Beverly Wilson

Compliance Director

Linda Landazuri

Operations Manager

Tonja Heath

Resident Office Manager

Our Work

CCSCLA provides affordable housing for over 2000 families annually in the South Central Los Angeles area.

Over 3000 thousand kids from South Central LA participate in CCSCLA youth programs each year.

CCSCLA represents our community on all legislative and policy attempts that are relevant for the protection of our community.

We directly employ over 300 people with full-time and part-time jobs in the community; as well as provide training, coaching, and reentry programs.

Upcoming Events

25th Central Avenue Jazz Festival - Join us in Los Angeles in 2020!
Between Vernon Ave and King Blvd

Proudly Serving The

South Central Los Angeles Community

Since 1985. 






Phone: 323-846-2500

4707 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90011

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