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About Us

Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles was founded in 1985 by Robin Cannon and Charlotte Bullock in order to form a group to protest the construction of a waste incinerator known as the LANCER within the predominately low income, colored community. By 1987, its construction was successfully thwarted protests by the CCSCLA being a large contributing factor to the decision.

Since dismantling the LANCER, CCSCLA has broadened its mission, fighting to better the communities of South Central LA with a number of programs that still exist today. This includes campaigns fighting against environmental hazards in the community, alleyway clean ups, affordable housing projects, and youth programs.

The designation of 501(c)3 signifies the organization's area of concentration. This area consists of the Santa Monica freeway to the North, the Harbor Freeway to the West, Slauson Avenue to the South and Alameda to the East. It includes the Vermont Central neighborhood and Central Avenue Corridor. Since its founding, CCSCLA has expanded its work into other low-income neighborhoods, including Watts and Compton. At the time of its founding, CCSCLA's area of concentration had one of the highest populations of African Americans in Los Angeles.

Company Profile

Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles (CCSCLA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public benefit community-based organization whose mission is to work for social justice and economic and environmental change within the South Central Los Angeles community. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

The purpose of this organization shall be the fostering of interest among its members and community in social, economic and environmental conditions and growth of their community.


Additionally, to assist in the development of low-income housing in Southern California communities by providing technical and other assistance to nonprofit housing development corporations.

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Our Historical Vision

CCSCLA invests in educating and benefiting the youth populations of South Central Los Angeles. Training and cultivating the youth population of the community is important for its sustainability. CCSCLA not only provides programs for youth recreation, but also education on the community issues, and programs for professional development.


The most notable programs CCSCLA has created are People Organizing for Workplace and Environmental Rights (POWER)The Entertainment Industry Training Program (EITP), and The Antes Columbus Youth Football Club in partnership with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches.

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