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Affordable Housing

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It is CCSCLA's belief that empowering and growing the community of South Central Los Angeles both economically and socially will, in turn, better the environmental conditions of the area. Their involvement in providing and protecting affordable housing started with their fight against the demolition of affordable housing for the construction of a school. They won the case and went on to start sponsoring and constructing affordable housing developments. CCSCLA is able to not only provide affordable housing units, but they also employ community members and local businesses during the construction and set up community programs within the developments.

CCSCLA now builds housing to enable the poor to improve their economic conditions.  Since that time, we have developed over 700 units of affordable housing.  


Our first completed development, Roberta Stephens Villas, has been considered a “model for the country” because it goes beyond providing bricks and mortar by providing social programs needed in our community. Roberta Stephens Villas is a joint venture project between CCSCLA and Canaan Housing Corporation (a subsidiary of Second Baptist Church). One Wilkins Place and Central Avenue Village Square, Gwen Bolden Manor, 1410 Apartments, Juanita Tate Legacy Towers (formerly Mt. Zion Towers) and Warwick Terrace Apartments were developed solely by CCSCLA.


Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles served as managing general partner or sole developer of each development and handled all financing for project development and construction.


CCSCLA also handles property management in-house and personally establishes its tenant programs and has received financial assistance with its housing development activities from the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC)/California Equity Fund, the City of Los Angeles, the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, the State of California Housing and Community Development Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program, and private banks.

Features of all of our housing developments: Affordable housing for 35%, 50% and 60% of area median income families, central air and heat (not acquired and renovated properties), affordable rents, 1 bedroom through 5 bedroom units are as large as 1,600 sq. ft., sundecks, courtyards and play areas, recycling programs and tenant associations. Realizing how unemployment can have a direct impact on one's ability to maintain shelter, we have organized a job referral program in conjunction with the Employment Development Department to help assist anyone in the community to find employment.  


On all CCSCLA construction projects, we coordinate employment opportunities between contractors, subcontractors and community residents.  CCSCLA provides initial screening to ensure that companies get the best possible candidates. One Wilkins Place housed the printshop job training center in partnership with CCSCLA, Trade Technical Community College and Abraham Freeman Occupational Center. Students from both Trade Technical and Abraham Freeman were able to work in the job training arena and receive work experience and credits.

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