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Youth Outreach

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CCSCLA invests in educating and benefiting the youth populations of South Central Los Angeles. Training and cultivating the youth population of the community is important for its sustainability. CCSCLA not only provides programs for youth recreation, but also education on the community issues, and programs for professional development. The most notable programs CCSCLA has created are People Organizing for Workplace and Environmental Rights (POWER)The Entertainment Industry Training Program (EITP), and The Antes Columbus Youth Football Club in partnership with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches.

People Organizing for Workplace and Environmental Rights (POWER)

POWER, or People Organizing for Workplace and Environmental Rights, is a youth program sponsored by CCSCLA since May 1998. POWER is a joint program between Jefferson High School, Fremont High School, and the University of California at Los Angeles- Labor Occupational Safety and Health.


CCSCLA worked in conjunction with UCLA-LOSH to create the program curriculum to effectively educate the students on the issues facing their community and to give them the skills to translate the environmental education they receive to action in the community. It is CCSCLA's aim to empower students to take charge of and be responsible for their neighborhood, workplace, school, and home. 


A notable achievement of the program was the forced closure of a contaminated school site for the entirety of a year while environmental remediation was conducted. The youth received national acclaim for their efforts in TIME Magazine which published an article titled "Don’t Mess Around with the Toxic Crusaders".

The Entertainment Industry Training Program (EITP)

Beginning in 1997, the mission of EITP is to get inner-city kids (ages 13–18) acquainted with jobs in the entertainment industry. Kids work with professionals from the industry on a television or film project during workshops twice a week. Topics of the workshops include: producing, writing, directing, set design, production management, location scouting, props, music composing, hair and make-up design, wardrobe, art directing, script supervision, stage direction, camera operation, and video editing, etc. 


Notable projects produced in the past include public service announcements- “Choices”, a music video for a neighborhood teen, POWER Youth Documentary, and Fame 2000- stage direction and videotaping. The EITP program had been partially sponsored by DreamWorks SKG and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The Antes Columbus Youth Football Club

ACYFC, founded through a partnership between CCSCLA and Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches (LMC) is an effort to bring the community together and provide a positive extracurricular activity for youth. For ages 5–19, the ACYFC provides uniforms, equipment, and team organization with no cost to the players.


Taking the club a step further, CCSCLA also implemented training programs for sports-related businesses and jobs including venue management, broadcast recording and editing, concessions management, referee training, league administration, and manufacturing and retail of uniforms. 


In addition, CCSCLA has been able to provide two synthetic soccer fields for play in the Vernon Central community. 


In 2002 CCSCLA helped facilitate the Nike donation of a synthetic field to Ross Snyder Park and facilitated the collection of resources to develop a field for George Washington Carver Middle School.

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